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Amon Tobin - El Wraith

Amon Tobin – El Wraith

Amon Tobin is a Brazilian musician, DJ, and producer of electronic music. He is best known for his use of audio sampling. He has released seven major studio alb...
Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

It's a new hip-hop music video called "Gucci Gucci" by a swagged out white girl named Kreayshawn. She's just doin' her thang and having fun. The beat was produc...
Laptop and headphones

Create a Website to Showcase Your Beats

We've received many emails over the last two weeks from up-and-coming music artists and a few hip-hop producers asking how they can create their own band websit...
Loading sound kits into FL Studio

How to import samples into FL Studio

This quick tutorial will explain how to import sounds into FL Studio.Importing sounds, samples and drums into FL Studio can be done very easily. It is also ...
Shy One - Goodnyte Promo

Shy One – “Goodnyte” Promo

A dark hip-hop track made a while ago from Shy One out of Texas. Interesting video and cool beat. He uses samples from the 1988 movie "Alice"....
Propellerheads Reason interface

Propellerhead Reason Tips and Tricks

Most people would agree that Propellerhead Reason is an amazing product. By putting powerful and great sounding music making tools in the hands of the masses, P...