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A collection of free VST instruments and effects released by their developers.

VST Plugins DVS Saxophone

DVS Saxophone is a spectacular VST released by Dream Vortex Studio. This free saxophone VST…

VST Plugins Kairatune 1.2

Kairatune is not your all-in-one synthesizer. It’s designed and engineered to be as powerful and…

VST Plugins damatriks

Meesha released Damatriks, a free modular synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows. Damatriks is a “classic”…

VST Plugins UltraSonique 1.1

High quality Synthesizer, Wavesample Player. X-Y Vector controller for realtime modulation. This free vst plugin…

VST Plugins In-Kult

In-Kult is a freely released VST synth developed by mickygemma. Some of the features include…

VST Plugins Deep-Mono

Deep-Mono is a powerful vintage style monophonic synth that packs a punch. If you are…

VST Plugins Freemoog

Freemoog is a VA type synth based on the basic characteristics of the Minimoog synthesizer.…

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