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A collection of free VST instruments and effects released by their developers.

VST Plugins Bleep


Bleep is a free VSTi synthesizer released by ToneBytes which was inspired by the sound…

VST Plugins Prophanity


Prophanity, a freeware VST instrument which attempts to mimic the the Prophet 5. Oscillator A:…

VST Plugins DigiReactor


DigiReactor is a multi-purpose FM capable softsynth. This free VST instrument is capable of creating…

VST Plugins Anawave


Anawave is a hybrid analogue/wavetable synth. The waveform oscillators allow you to draw, import, and…

VST Plugins FM-Four


FM-Four Free is a simple VST instrument that recreates four operators FM synthesis with some…

VST Plugins Prodigious


The Prodigious synthesizer is a Mono/Poly instrument based in the architecture of a famous synthesizer…