Kanye West Sound Kit


Kanye West is not only a great hip-hop artist, but a producer as well. His sounds and style is very noticeable from any other producer.

This sound pack is filled with over 300 crisp snares, hard hitting bass kicks, cool sound effects and other hip-hop drums. These free .wav sounds will give you that Kanye West style in your next beat. Just import them into FL Studio or any other digital audio workstation and that’s it!

These are professional quality sounds and you will not find any other set of hip-hop drums.

  • DJEmiir

    greetings from Bosnia,this site is awesooomeeee! Peace ^_^

  • Samwelgaudence

    hey am from Tanzania ur site is what we are looking for God bless u and how can i advertise ur site to my fellow Tanzanians? they must see this!

    • Word up thanks homie, big ups to Tanzania!! Just send them a link if you’d like.