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VST Plugins damatriks

Meesha released Damatriks, a free modular synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows. Damatriks is a “classic”…

VST Plugins TranceDrive 1.0

TranceDrive is a subtractive synthesizer that was built for Trance music producers. It has built-in…

VST Plugins Phadiz

PhadiZ is a phase distortion synth (think Casio CZ101) with lots of stereo options. This…

VST Plugins String Thing 2

String Thing 2 is a plucked string virtual instrument with advanced controls and filtering to…

VST Plugins Syntar

Syntar is a VST plugin for FL Studio and other beat making programs. This VST…

Sound Kits 505 Drum Kit

505 Drum Kit is free sound pack filled with vintage drum samples such as snares,…

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