Anawave is a hybrid analogue/wavetable synth. The waveform oscillators allow you to draw, import, and export waveforms. Included a set of 50 waveforms and a bunch of presets. Simply use the load and save buttons to add or save a waveform. This VST is useful for making odd and distorted bass sounds for dubstep and trance producers, but it can be used towards other music too. You can put out some really deep bass with the right settings. Download here.

  • 2 Analogue oscillators (sine, saw, square, tri, noise)
  • 2 Wavetable oscillators
  • 4 ADSR Amp envelopes
  • 2 ADSR Filter envelopes
  • 2 LFO cutoff control
  • 32 presets
  • 50 Waveforms