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Microfreak Samples
Microfreak Samples is a tasty sample pack which was made with the MicroFreak hybrid synthesizer by Arturia. You get a solid collection of 150x 24 bit WAV drum samples created using the lovely Micro Freak... Read More
Akai XR-10 Drum Kit
The Akai XR-10 Drum Kit is a drum pack based on the vintage XR-10, the first Akai’s non-sampling drum machine featuring 16-bits drum samples with a beautiful aliasing noise, incredibly good for modern, old fashioned... Read More
Broken Piano Samples
What’s better than a load of piano samples? A load of broken piano samples, of course! Get ready for the sound of strings, scrapes, knocks and more; you could say that this is a piano... Read More
OTO Biscuit Drumkit
The OTO Biscuit is a small, quirky, lo-fi powerhouse effect unit, now discontinued. It’s got an 8-bit chip running the show, and everything that goes through the inputs gets converted to super grainy 8... Read More

The Black Friday 

MEGA Bundle

All of our sample packs (57 of them) coming in at 17GB+ are now only $49 instead of $1077 when purchased individually. That’s a whopping 95% off!

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