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There are many great iPad synths – classic virtual analog emulations, granular, fm, additive, ported from VSTs or designed specially for iOS. I use synths on my iPad since iMS-20 by KORG was introduced (3 years ago or even more…). And since then iOS synths became apps category on its own. There so many great synth apps but for this review I picked 5 best iPad synths:

5. Mito Synth. Link.

The Mito synth app is great sounding additive synth that combines flexible additive and granular synth engines with wide range of effects: several types of distortions, filters, delay/chorus/flanger/phaser. But despite large number of features and effects it is suprisingly easy to use and program.

4. Alchemy Mobile. Link.

Alchemy is port of desktop VST/AU synth that combines different types of synthesis. And this app made a long way from pretty simple presets player into one of the most powerful sound engines for iPad. Though it still have limitation comparing to the desktop version – new presets should be based on existing templates that don’t provide you full control on synth params. But ability to use your own samples and variety of great soundpacks in the in-app store makes it one of the best sound sources in iOS.

3. Animoog. Link.

I know some musicians that bought iPad just because of this app. And there are some good reasons for that. Developed few years ago it sounds great, uses all the benefits of the touch screen, has great onboard effects and THAT moog sound. Ah, and by the way all those IAP-presets worth every cent.

2. Z3TA+.

This synth comes from the top desktop synths. First of all it is very flexible and able to do what most of the wavetable synths do. But it also gives you great control on the wave shaping allowing to easily create new and unique sounds. This is synth is great for modern sounds and it is pretty universal – you can create almost anything screaming leads, roaring basses and relaxing pads. Though it comes second in our ranking it is probably the most capable synth in terms of variety of sounds you can get and the sound quality.

1. Nave. Link.

Nave is truly innovative wavetable synth deserving to top best iPad synths list. It not just gives you waveform but also allows to generate it from your samples, graphically change it or use text-to-speech option. But it’s not just limited to the wavetables. It has great sounding analog oscillator that provides solid body to the sound and great sounding up to 8 voices Unison. Wavetable display is another great feature that gives you 3d view and the visual control of the wave movement.

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