Musical Inspiration Tips

Musical Inspiration Tips

Is everything is sounding the same? Read on for some musical inspiration tips.

1. Switch genres. Try making a house track if your used to making drum and bass tracks. Or the other way around if that is the case. Sometimes I switch genres to take a break from drum and bass. This will help you to expand your musical ear.

2. Send your tracks to friends and get them to give you feedback. It is even better if you have a few friends who make their own tunes that way you can listen to each others tracks and give each other feedback.

3. Try not to fall into established patterns. Using the same instruments over and over can often lead to the same sounding tunes. Try using different presets with your generators.

4. Clean up your project space. If your projects are a cluttered mess than it may pay to name your channels or even colour code them. Fruity Loops has a wonderful option where you can zip channels in the step sequencer. If something is not working quite right zip it up and try something new.

5. Too many musical ideas? If you are scared of changing a tune and losing your musical ideas, then create a folder for the project and save a copy “tune01”, “tune02″…… each time your make a major change. In some cases I have turned a nice tune into a complete mess and have had to resort to an older copy. This can happen when it’s 4am in the morning and you still refuse to go to bed!

What are some musical inspiration tips do you have?