5 Tricks to EQ Loops & Samples

Today, I’m diving into the mesmerizing world of EQ (Equalization) for loops and samples. But before we embark on this sonic journey, a quick shoutout – I’m also the author of “How to Mix with EQ,” (affiliate link) and if you want to explore that realm further. Now, let’s get down to the groove!

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Do You Really Need EQ for Loops?


First things first, do you need to sprinkle some EQ magic on your loops? Well, maybe not as much as you think. Generally, loops come pre-mixed by some talented producer out there like our Ultimate Boom Bap Bundle or our Infinite Trap Vol. 1 song starter collection. So, they often sound pretty darn good right out of the box.

Here’s the scoop: When it comes to EQing loops, remember the Most Important Rule – less can be more. These loops have already been pampered, caressed, and fine-tuned. Your job is to make them play nicely together, not to reinvent the wheel.


The Four Stages of Mixing with EQ



In my musical universe, mixing with EQ unfolds in four stages:

1. Removing Unwanted Frequencies: Think of this as tidying up. Sweep away those sub-bass crumbs, harsh resonances, and any other sonic clutter.

2. Observing the Mix: This is where you play matchmaker. How does the kick pair up with the snare? What’s the 808’s relationship with the kick? It’s like musical speed dating.

3. Carving Out Spaces: Imagine your mix as a puzzle. Carve out niches for each element, so they can shine. Sometimes, it’s like fitting pieces into a jigsaw – you might need to make a few cuts to make things snug.

4. Enhancing the Mix: Now that everyone’s got their own space, a few boosts or cuts can give the mix that special something. It’s like adding the final seasoning to a delicious dish.


Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, I just wanted to give a shoutout to our Beat Production free sampler pack with over 200 top-notch samples. All the samples I’m using in the demo video are from there, FYI.


Let’s Get Practical with EQ for Loops


Now, let’s put theory into practice. I’ve got this loop here, and I’ll let you take a listen with and without EQ.

Remember, you might not need EQ for all loops, but when you start pitching them or chopping them, things can get funky. So, even though your unaltered loop might sound great, the pitched version might need a little love.


Fine-Tuning with EQ


Now, let’s open up our trusty Pro Q-3 (affiliate link) and see what’s cookin’. We’ll start with our individual EQ moves:

  1. Removing Harsh Resonances: If something doesn’t sound quite right, it’s time for some detective work. Listen closely, then narrow down the problem frequencies and cut them out. Less is often more here.
  2. Slotting Things Together: Your loop may clash with other elements like kicks and 808s. Use high-pass filters to carve out space and let those elements shine.
  3. Enhancing the Vibe: Finally, if your loop needs a little something extra, like more warmth or punch, consider some subtle boosts or cuts.

Remember, don’t go overboard with EQ. Stick to a few well-placed moves, and you’ll keep your mix sounding fresh.


The Final Result of EQing Loops


After these tweaks, your loop should be sitting pretty in the mix. It’s like finding the perfect seat at a concert.

So, there you have it, EQing loops made simple. It’s all about finesse and enhancing what’s already great. And hey, if you want those free samples from Beat Production, the link’s down below!

Thanks for tuning in, and remember, your music is like a burrito – it should be a delightful mix of flavors, and EQ is your secret spice!

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