8-Bit Synths

The sound of old school video games and consoles, consolidated into an Ableton Instrument Rack!

Ready for something different? 8-Bit Synths is an Ableton Live Pack which brings old school video consoles and games to your sampler. In the late 80s these sound chips were the most common method for creating music on computers. You don’t need to be into making video game music or chiptune to use these though! The whole early West Coast Rocks scene around Flying Lotus, Ras G and Samiyam were heavily influenced by video game sounds. They took these nostalgic sounds and made them into forward thinking music. What are you going to build with these?

In the AIFF folder you will find 126 sounds Famicon, Gameboy, NES, Mega Man, Zelda, Super Mario, Bomberman and other legendary consoles & games. You can easily map these 8-Bit Synths samples in your sampler or beatmaking software.

Ableton-ready 8-Bit Synths

If you run Ableton Live 9+ this pack is a no-brainer since all the setup is done for you. You’ll find a separate folder with an instrument rack which gives you instant access to all 126 sounds. You simply turn the first macro knob and scroll through all presets. The Ableton Rack also has macros for tweaking the filter and adjusting the ADSR. In addition to the synth sounds, we’ve also included a drum rack with 53 drum sounds. Go all 8-bit for your beat and use them as is or layer them with your drums for some extra 8-bit punch!

Available for just $19.



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