9 Great Apps for Learning and Practicing Piano

Music soothes the spirit and mind and playing it using the piano is an added advantage to you. You get to sharpen motor skills and improve on the coordination of your hands and eye. Practicing it often improves dexterity, helping you become a piano guru.

Do not worry if you are not the type to like the traditional piano practice that involves the real instrument. Here are some nine great piano applications that will make you feel the touch and effect of a real-time piano play.

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro enables you to sharpen your skills in reading music notes from slow motion to the highest speed possible. It cooperates with the fun of playing music alongside the thrill of learning new things. By the end of the process, you will be sure to have worked on the rhythm and react to the hand-eye coordination on the keyboard keys. The app links learners with their tutors through the creation of accounts that contains all resources. It’s quite similar to linking with a great professional writer at EduBirdie assignment service to get an A for an essay. Yes, when you rely on subject expert writers there, you get the best quality thesis, dissertation and essays that are sure to boost your grades.

The most addicting sheep game

The most addicting sheep game gives you the weakness of wanting to get back to the screen and playing it often. It has many exciting levels that need you to help a cartoon character in the form of a sheep to go through challenges on its way. It gives you a learning experience once you follow the beats to the music by tapping the screen at the right interval of time. A learning experience that you can easily compare with the apps for math skills that keep you working on your finger coordination when you play with the numbers.


Notion is an app that uses your musical works notated therein to achieve the production of sound. It makes it easy to enter notes to its system, which gears making changes to the production of the final sound. Tutors can arrange their songs in order of requests to suit their students. While learners can notate their works for presentation in a form they love and would appreciate in the future.


Noterush identifies the many music notes and names them to the users. This is great for beginners who would want to experience the feeling of playing the piano. The app is eye-catching with the beautiful game graphics that will make you want to open it every time. Teachers using it to study the progress of learners by hearing the keys that their students play from a connected microphone.

Rhythm Cat

Rhythm cat engages students in creating notated rhythms while learning new ones in the process. A great app assures people of all ages to grasp the basic principles of musical rhythms. It helps you get through the boring theory of introduction to music by getting you through the simple steps involved. The best thing about it is that it creates an addiction to users, which is great in ensuring they grasp the concepts.

Music Theory Pro

Music Theory Pro trains your sight-reading skills into understanding the many topics in music theory. It introduces you to the treble clef up to the challenging mezzo-soprano clef in simple steps that are easy to follow. Tutors prefer its use by students preparing for music theory tests as it provides detailed information on searched topics. It gives direct information, ensuring you save on time while studying. It allows tutors to assign students specific points of discussion based on their abilities.


Flowkey gives a chance for learners to improve their technical skills alongside reading out provided music sheets. It has three modules that enable you to learn the diverse songs available on the app. It projects the audio of keys tapped on the screen outlined on a sheet containing the music rhythms. Users often tend to detach themselves from the old piano learning once they start using this app.

Moana Rhythm Run

Moana Rhythm Run is an interactive piano game, especially during this age, where animations such as Moana stole the hearts of many. The music of Moana will guide you through the learning process to comprehend the rhythm. The rhythm run is a favorite for many learners and this makes tutors enlist it among top requests.

Better Practice

Better Practice gives you a chance to organize work in an orderly manner so tutors can track the progress made. They can assign work through the app and track your workings all through. It also allows you to link up videos from YouTube that boost the learning process of students.


In recent days, learning piano has proven not to need you to own the original instrument but having an application is enough. You need to get the best app to learn playing piano that gives you a touch of reality. Ensure you learn more about it before downloading and pick one that suits your theoretical or technical wants. Be sure to enjoy the thrill accompanied by tapping to the flawless rhythm in playing the piano.

Connie Elser is a tech expert working with a cybersecurity firm in Silicon Valley as the senior developer. Due to his strong background in computers, he is also a successful part-time academic project developer and assignment writer. In his free time, he plays tennis, loves bird watching and enjoys gaming and eSports.

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