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Free Drum Kits
A drum kit historically has been a set of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments, used with drumsticks in jazz and popular music. The most basic components are a bass drum, a snare drum,... Read More
Microfreak Samples
Microfreak Samples is a tasty sample pack which was made with the MicroFreak hybrid synthesizer by Arturia. You get a solid collection of 150x 24 bit WAV drum samples created using the lovely Micro Freak... Read More
Akai XR-10 Drum Kit
The Akai XR-10 Drum Kit is a drum pack based on the vintage XR-10, the first Akai’s non-sampling drum machine featuring 16-bits drum samples with a beautiful aliasing noise, incredibly good for modern, old fashioned... Read More
Broken Piano Samples
What’s better than a load of piano samples? A load of broken piano samples, of course! Get ready for the sound of strings, scrapes, knocks and more; you could say that this is a piano... Read More

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