Zombie Drum Samples

Zombie Drum Samples (Kontakt)

Rattly and Raw has released Zombie Drum Bits, a free zombie drum samples drum kit for Native Instruments Kontakt (full version, Player version not supported). If you’re brave enough (these days you often hear this slogan), watch the video from above.

Zombie Drum Bits is made in the style of Rattly and Raw, namely, with humor… The zombie interface is simple so any human can understand it: two buttons, one to select the sounds and the other to mix the sounds. There are 10 grave stones, each containing a sound type: kicks, snare, closed/open hats, toms, and symbols. “Digging” further, each grave stone has 20 samples to choose from. The samples are designed from a wide range of sources, such as horror vocals and phrases, found sounds, percussions and more.

Zombie Drum Bits: DOWNLOAD 

The mixer is well built (although it’s a little rusty, sprinkled with blood and the faders have skulls instead of buttons). 1 fader per kit piece, with on/off button, but also distortion and reverb sends. Watch the video and you will understand how this creepy instrument works.