Ableton Creative Extensions

Ableton unleash free suite of Max-powered creative devices.

If you own Ableton Live 10 Suite or the Standard version of Live 10 and Max For Live, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ableton are offering you a free bundle of eight tools known collectively as Creative Extensions.

On the synth side, you get two revamped Max for Live instruments: the Bass monophonic virtual analogue synth, which now includes tunable oscillators, and the Poli virtual analogue synth designed for chords and phrases. This offers detunable oscillators, a modulation section, a chorus effect and more.

Elsewhere, Melodic Steps is a MIDI sequencer designed to spur experimentation, while Pitch Hack offers a single delay line with transposition control. You also get the Gated Delay, Color Limiter and Re-Enveloper – a multiband envelope processor while Spectral Blur lets you create ‘reverb-like’ textures.

But enough talking, it’s always best to see these creative extensions in action, right? Check out the official video which shows a few things you are able to achieve with these new devices.

Those entitled to the Creative Extensions can download them for free from the Live 10 browser or their account on the Ableton website. They’re also included with Live 10 Suite of course. So what are you waiting for? Download them from Ableton’s website.

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