Ableton Live 10?

Is this an early version of Ableton Live 10? After posting this dope episode of Rhythm Roulette with Jazzy Jeff, the internet is buzzing again with rumors about Ableton Live 10. Ableton 9 was released back in 2013 so people are dying for an update with new features. Back to the video… Don’t get too excited. The changes aren’t massive and/or groundbreaking from what we can tell from the video. There’s also no official word from Ableton on this yet.

But it’s entirely possible, that this is an early build of Live 10. The last big update was released in November 2015 at Ableton’S Loop Conference alongside the Ableton Push. Plus it’s not unusal that DAW makers test their newest version in the wild  with trusted people before making official announcements. One thing that is hard to miss is the skin he’s using, a dark GUI with popping bright colours, but that could simply be a neat skin for Live 9.

BUT If you’re an Ableton Live 9 user and you look closely at 3:24 mark in the video, you will spot that the live browser isn’t the same as you’re rocking in your studio… It has a slightly different layout and there’s an extra button. Is it a filter? Is it search field?

Either way it’s more than just a skin. And if it’s not an early beta of Live 10, maybe Jeff just got a custom build Live 9?

What do you think?