Ableton Push 3

Hello, Ableton Push 3? With the launch of Maschine MK3, Native Instrument is closing the gap to it’s closest competitor Push 2! Ableton’s own midi controller was released alongside Ableton Live 9.5 during Ableton’s annual Loop conference, which is always in November. The last hardware update happened¬†almost two years ago. This is by no means a long release cycle. We’re Ableton is already working on the next iteration of their hailed midi controller. Especially since there is early sighting of something that could be Ableton Live 10. There is a strong possibility that this will happen this year.

There is no official word from Ableton as of today and the feature wishlist of users is already long. A lot of them seem over the top and more like wishful thinking. Some are borderline useless and would make Push 3 overly complex. One of the beautiful things about this midi controller is its simplicity and tight integration with Live.

We went through the forum posts, blog articles and social media comments and picked out some really interesting features. We think they are really cool and they would make the Ableton Push the king of controllers again…

Our Wishlist

  • Better pads that address the velocity issues
  • Microtuning and Quartertone-possibilities
  • Ability to control the arrangement view from Push
  • Integrated J74-like chord progressions
  • Integrated sound card with audio outs/ins like Maschine MK3 just introduced
  • ClyphX integrated like M4L
  • A standalone case which houses a Mac Mini, a Motu Ultralite audio interface and patch bay. This way the Push 3 could be used as a ‘standalone’ controller, just like an Akai MPC. You can connect a monitor in the studio to get the usual workflow. You can perform live without one!

What do think of our picks?

Do you have any cool wishes for the Ableton Push 3?

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