Ableton Push for iPad (Lemur template)

Some time ago Ableton introduced Push – innovative controller for Ableton Live. I was always thinking that it would be cool to have same functionality like devices and presets browser, pads grid with flexible scales, drum sequencing and all other great features of Ableton Push for iPad for iPad. And here it is.

Shave is Lemur Template that implements all the functionality of the Push. First, let’s start with the history of this project. After Ableton Live 9 with Push were introduced people from Ableton community were able to decompile Push scripts. Here’s the GitHub project with Ableton Live’s remote scripts. With access to the scripts Wul from Liine forum was able to recreate original functionality of Push as a Lemur template.

Push for iPad

Basically it has same layout as push. On the screenshot below you see pad’s grid with chromatic scale with C major notes lighted up.

In the top part there are same 9 knobs as original push has – 8 knobs to control different parameters (like macros of racks, devices parameters etc.)

Scale can be easily changed (with touch of scale button):

If you think that pads are bit small you can use zoom function (on the setup tab). After all it’s not really a Ableton Push for iPad…

Thanks to the scripts of Push we can now have access to Live’s 9 browser (including access to user locations as well). To get access to the devices browser push Browse or Add Device/Add Effect button.

And on of the things Push does so well is drum sequencing with Live’s Drum racks. Here we have all the same – 3 parts of pads grid: sequencer, drum pads, clip length/clip navigation. While sequencing you can tap and hold on the pad and you’ll get access to the velocity control and nudge function. That’s really close to having a Ableton Push for iPad.

And of course there’s session view, where we have all the necessary functions for the performance.


The installation of Shave is a bit tricky, but there’s detailed youtube video for Windows to get you closer to having an Ableton Push for iPad.

For Mac is actually pretty simple: open Applications folder, right click on Ableton Live app and choose Show Package Contents. Then open Contents/App-Resources/MIDI remote scripts folder.

Then you’ll need to copy in this folder hacked Push scripts (I didn’t replaced original Push folder but made a new one Push1) and Clyphx folder. Here you can download both script folders. If you decide to replace original Push folder don’t forget to make a backup.

Then you’ll need to make settings in Live to connect Lemur to the Push scripts:

(iConnectMIDI should be replaced with MIDI ports you are using to connect Lemur to the computer – by default is Lemur Daemon 0).

Download Shave template for Lemur

To use this Template you need Lemur app for iPad. Though it is expensive compared to other music apps (50$) it is an amazing controller with endless possibilities.

Download Lemur App for iPad

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