Abstract Casual Percussion Collection

Abstract Casual Percussion is a collection of weird percussion stuff found near the studio. From dry bay leaves, water drops, wirtting noises, space echoes, kalimbas and some more casual percussions.

You can grab the free download here and check out the previews below:

This kit was made with some bay leaves. These were found on a magic garden we use to walk around when we are tired of recording, cutting and cleaning samples…. Very raw and crispy sound. Play with the Pitch and Dry/Wet Macros for big fun!

This kit was made by my friend Jai el Flaco. Sounds included are: Shaker, Cabasa, Antler Shaker, Spanish Cajón, Home Keys and African Clave Roll. The sounds haven’t been recorded with top equipment this time (only an ADK microphone thru a Joemeek twink Q, recorded directly onto the MPC) but they still sounds Great! Very organic, very raw… That’s how Jai el Flaco rules!!

Now its time for RCA Victor. He brings his percussions too. He recorded some eggs, shakers and a cabasa with an AKG Solid Tube microphone passing trhu an Avalon 737 preamp. RCA Victor and Jai el Flaco are RCA Flacos, an electronic/hip-hop oriented duo of producers I trully recommend to check.

“Dark Kalimba kit” was made recording strange movements and hits over an Eliott Bergman kalimba thru a Neve 8801. Don’t expect to find classic kalimba sounds… Those were made hitting the kalimba in strange and expressive ways. It’s a very dark and dirty kit! This kit also benefits from playing and tweaking the Macro controls.

Here is a little sound pack created in collaboration with my friend Dani Satué AKA Diesel. The 58 sounds were recorded on a bath room. Water flowing from the tap, trickling down the drain, sparkling drops, etc. Recorded with a Zoom H4, a GoPro camera and and SM58 microphone put inside a condom… This is Underwater Percussion!

Here is a little kit containing “shadow sounds” for putting under your beats. We connected our favourite percussion kits on the MPC and played them thru the Roland RE-201 Space Echo. The result are rhythmic textures and delayed effects to use as layers to support your main drum programming. There are 39 sounds, ranging from long snare reverbs, delayed hi-hats, and lots of other weird dub effects!

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