ADverb2 Reverb Plugin by Audio Damage

If you're in the market for a reverb plugin on your iPad or iPhone, here's an app that knocks it out of the park!

ADverb2 (App Store Link) is an accurate model of a vintage digital plate reverb rack unit from the 80s, with a few modern tricks up its sleeve. From short, thick, rich reverbs ideal for drums on up to incredibly long heavily chorused, echoey spaces perfect for ambient music, ADverb2 is an excellent addition to your sonic toolkit. ADverb2 works as a stand-alone effect, with Inter-App Audio, but we recommend its use as an AUv3 plugin in a host that supports the format like Beatmaker 3, AUM, Cubasis, GarageBand, etc.

What sets this app apart are the simple-to-use reverb settings, with pre-delay, time, and size, plus an extensive filtering section to shape the reverb tail. We also dig the the logical vintage-style user interface, vector-based for resizability and future-proofing.

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