Thanks for your interest in wanting to advertise with Beat Production. We currently offer banner ads in prime position (leaderboard next to logo & sidebar top right) as well as sponsored posts.


Monthly Unique Visitors: 70k+
Monthly Page Views: 285K+
Facebook Fans: 27,000+
Instagram Followers: 8,500+

Top Countries:
34% United States
5% South Africa
4% Germany
4% France
4% United Kingdom

Last updated January 2018.

Advertising Cost

Leaderboard for 2 weeks – $400 
728 x 90 next to logo with 140k+ impressions average at >$3 CPM

Leaderboard for 4 weeks – $650 
728 x 90 next to logo with 280k+ impressions average at >$2.50 CPM

Sidebar Ad for 2 weeks – $250
300px by 250px ad in the top right corner with 140k+ Impressions average at >$2 CPM

Sidebar Ad for 4 weeks – $400
300px by 250px ad in the top right corner with 280k+ impressions average at >$1.5 CPM

Interested in Sponsored Posts?
Tell us what you have planned and we’ll figure out something.

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