Akai MPCX (Leaked Photo & Information)

Everyone was hoping, but no one believed in it… Akai will release a big standalone MPC again!! MPCX is the name and it has a big touchscreen at the center, with which you you chop and tweak your samples. Aside from the touch screen, you’ll have the trusted potis and knobs to work with. It looks pretty much like an MPC Renaissance in red. The big jog wheel is also there and of course the heart of the MPC – the 16 pads with background lighting. There’s a few other small improvements, but its hard to make out their exact function from the leaked photos of the Akai MPCX .

All this comes as the second good news in weeks, after the leak of the MPC Live. Big congrats to Akai for not dropping the ball on the standalone MPC. Finally a big MPC with modern technology and a little more advanced than the Renaissance. We’re curious what this fine piece of music production gear will cost in the end. Come on, hurry up with the official release!


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