Analog Console For Ableton Live

AS Console is an analog-style mixing console or channel-strip that includes pre and post drive stages with multiple saturation types, an analog-style EQ and compressor, a powerful multi-band stereo width tool and a unique normalisation stage. It’s basically a native analog console for Ableton Live.

There are advanced routing capabilities and various other bits you’d expect in a channel strip like a Highpass and Bass Mono. But one of the things I love most about Console is how seamlessly it integrates with Live’s UI. It really feels like it could be a native Ableton device.

The only downside is that it takes ages to actually load and is quite CPU intensive. Then again analog emulation needs a lot of juice. So why should an analog console for Ableton Live be any different? Because of the high CPU usage, Console isn’t something I would use during production but it works great once I am in the mixing stage. You will quickly find yourself treating it like a piece of outboard gear, running signals through it in real-time and recording them as audio. It is good practice to bounce down the results quickly if you are happy with it. This not only saves CPU but also helps to commit to your mixing decisions.

Head to this link to learn more and download Console.

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