Analog Supplies

Analog Supplies is a free sample pack by Liam Killen, which you can use with any sampler like the SP-404, MPC Live, or Maschine. All sounds are royalty free, so you’re able to use them in your music commercially.

Analog Supplies Vol. 1 includes a collection of 70 melodic loops and drum one-shots. Stock up your arsenal of samples with dreamy Mellotron and Rhodes chords, jazzy pianos, funky drum breaks and punchy kicks. These 100% original samples will deliver analog warmth, tone and character to your productions.

Analog Supplies Vol. 2 includes a collection of 90 melodic loops and drum one-shots. Elevate your samples with these hip-hop inspired, pulsating synths, house drum breaks and deep 808 kicks. These 100% original samples will deliver crisp tones & head nods to your productions.

Download links: Volume 1 / Volume 2


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