Arturia V Collection 9.1 Update

Arturia’s V Collection is a software package that includes emulations of a wide range of classic synthesizers, keyboards, and drum machines. The collection includes already over 30 virtual instruments now, each of which has been carefully modelled after a specific piece of hardware to provide an authentic and accurate representation of the original sound.

One of the standout features of the V Collection is the level of detail and authenticity in the emulations. Each instrument has been meticulously recreated to capture the unique character and quirks of the original hardware. The software also includes thousands of preset patches and the ability to create and save your own patches, allowing for a great deal of flexibility and customisation.

We’e big fans of Arturia’s flagship digital instrument collection and in the last big update to version 9 they introduced one particular instrument (amongst others) that we like a lot. The KORG MS-20 V – the recreation on the MS-20 which you see in so many studios around the world! Together with some other favourites like the electric piano, the Prophet and the Mellotron makes up a big part of our go-to choices when we cook up beats.

Here’s a rundown of all the updates:

  • Explore the improvements, tweaks, and performance fixes to give V Collection 9 users the personal, inspiring, and enjoyable virtual sound exploration they deserve:
  • New sound design tutorials for KORG MS-20 V, Prophet-5 V, CS-80 V, and SQ80 V
  • Analog Lab polyphony, MPE, and Vocoder V enhancements
  • Universal browser keyboard shortcuts and voiceover feedback compatibility
  • MiniLab 3 V Collection instrument integration
  • Enhanced tagging & playlist customization
  • Arturia Software Center (ASC) custom resource location
  • V Collection NKS certification
  • Performance & bug fixes

Get your copy of V Collection 9 here!

Attention: Filter MS-20 is a free download until 2nd January 2023

A few days ago Arturia revealed Filter MS-20, an emulation of an iconic synth filter & distortion effect. It was modelled in great detail with Arturia’s signature True Analog Emulation technology and enhanced with modern utilities and modulation options. To celebrate this years holiday season, this effect plugin is available for free until January 2nd 2023. It will be sold for 99€/$ once the offer ends.

Filter MS-20 delivers the edgy sound championed by artists like Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers among countless others.


Sculpt your sounds with the same howling filter sweeps, crushing bass, and wild distortion that put Filter MS-20’s namesake synth on the map. The plugin lets you modulate and animate its virtual circuitry, reroute its filter and distortion sections, and explode the stereo width of any sound thanks to modernized features. With its crunchy, powerful, ultra-fat sound in your DAW, you can decide what’s next.

All users can enjoy the gnarly character of Filter MS-20 for free until January 2nd, when it will return to a full price of 99€/$. Check it out here!

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