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Atmos Kontakt

Atmos+ (Kontakt)

Atmos+ is an instrument for Kontakt (5.5 or higher) to sculpt different atmospheres or fantastic ambient sounds. The sound is generated by six sound sources, each with controls for amount, fine tune, stereo panning, as well as cutoff filter and type selector (high & low pass). It has an effects section with chorus, flanger, convolution reverb and an ADSR module to shape the generated sounds.

Atmos+ (Kontakt): DOWNLOAD

The library features 50 samples as 24-bit and 16-bit 44.1kHz WAV files, which you can import into any digital audio workstation or hardware sampler. You also have access to tune, pan and filter controls. Chorus, Flanger and convolution reverb effects are as much part of the package as an ADSR module.