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Auto Tune Pro

Auto Tune Pro

The plugin developer will always be known as the company which kickstarted the Auto-Tune trend back in 1997, even though the have several other great plugins in their line-up. The new version, Auto Tune Pro, replaces Auto Tune 8, and is now available via PluginBoutique, the biggest plugin store for all musicians and producers.

What does Auto Tune do?

Auto Tune takes an incoming monophonic signal (vocals are the primary target) and automatically corrects any off pitch in it. It makes you conform to a desired musical scale. This can be done quite musically and barely noticeable or in more dramatic Cher/T-Pain fashion, which created the signature AutoTune style of sudden jumps in pitch.

Auto Tune Pro is still following this core route, but has been updated look and made more beginner friendly. It even offers two distinct views: Basic and Advanced. In the Basi cview, you see only the most essential controls, like voice type and the key and scale you want to conform to. Even custom scales are possible. You also have access to some controls to shape how Auto Tune corrects you pitch with Retune Speed, Flex Tune, Humanize Natural Vibrato, etc

Advanced view simply offers a few extra controls and gives you more fine grained control over all parameters to really fine-tune your sound.

Aside from the extremely noticable and stylistic application of Auto Tune, if handled with care, it’s an effective technique for adding a bit of wobble to overly flat performances.

Interesting was the Target Notes mode, where incoming MIDI notes dynamically repitch your voice to the correct notes.

Auto Tune Pro is the most powerful version to this date, yet is also the most accessible for upcoming producer and beatmakers thanks to clever layout decisions. Its easily the best live retuning software out there. It’s a specialty plugin which comes at a hefty price of $400, but if you dig the sound of T Pain and Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreaks but you are new to the retuning game, don’t hesitate to pick this one up – you won’t find anything close for free or little money. If you want to get that money sound, you have to invest in your pursuit.

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