Automating buttons on VST plugins in FL Studio

The other day when I was flicking through my FL Bible I came across this amazing feature: Automating buttons on a VST to an external controller!

1: Open your favourite VST plugin by right clicking an existing instrument in the Step Sequencer, scrolling down to Insert and selecting the plugin from the menu (For this example I am using NI Pro-53).


2: Go to the Browser window. Click on Current project, then Generators and finally on Fruity wrapper.


What you see is the entire list of midi variables for the VST plugin! Yep that’s right, you can now automate any of the controls on the VST through Fruity Loops. Just right click on any of the Midi Control Knobs. Lets choose MIDI CC#1 (Modulation wheel) as an example.Right click on Midi CC#7 (Main volume) and then left click Create automation clip. What’s left to have automating buttons?


The automation clip appears in the playlist. Try making a simple modulation sweep while playing a note in the step sequencer. Below you can see the VST playing a single note while the modulation of the NI Pro-53 instrument is automated to sweep from 0% to 100%.


Well that’s how automating buttons is done, 3rd party VST’s just became a whole lot more powerful! Now go and tweak the hell outta your favourite VST.

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