Best Convolution Reverb VST Plugins

The best convolution reverb effects for PC and Mac are those that use impulse responses to emulate an acoustic space in digital audio workstations. Impulse responses capture the sound of a space, whether it be natural or artificially created. When loaded into a convolution reverb, they apply the reverb properties of the captured space to the audio being processed. This allows you to simulate recording in natural environments or replicate the sound of costly hardware reverb units.

MConvolutionMB. $55.

MConvolutionMB is a zero-latency convolution plugin that’s ideal for processing recorded, or generated impulse responses (IRs). It is simply perfect for simulating halls, rooms, boxes, microphones, and even other plugins! It also contains filter generators and an integrated reverb.

Fog Convolver. $70.

Fog Convolver is a convolution plugin that applies the sonic character of an impulse response to another sound in real time. An impulse response is a recording of the output that is caused by an acoustic space or electronic gear when an impulse is played (electric spark, starter pistol shot or the bursting of a balloon).

Fog Convolver can be used to add reverberation, create special effects, and apply an acoustic impulse captured from audio equipment. The factory bank features more than 250 impulse responses made from spaces, analog and digital equipment, speakers, organic sources, and more.

By clicking on the Mode box you can select two modes: Normal or True Stereo. True Stereo works by using two stereo impulse responses that are then mixed together. You can either drag and drop two stereo files into the monitor (L+R) or you can drag separate stereo files (monitor top part for L, bottom for R).

Convology XT by Impulse Record. Free.

Convology XT is a free convolution reverb VST plugin developed by Impulse Record. It includes a collection of 70 reverb impulse responses captured from a variety of vintage hardware reverb units. Additional impulse responses are available for purchase on the developer’s website. More importantly, the plugin is capable of loading external impulse responses in WAV format.

In terms of its ability to modify the loaded impulse response file, Convology XT is the most advanced freeware convolution reverb VST plugin on this list. The user can adjust the attack and decay time, pre-delay, and the frequency response. It is also possible to time-stretch the IR file and to apply modulation in order to achieve a stereo widening effect. The plugin doesn’t introduce any latency, which is somewhat of a rarity among freeware convolution reverbs.

Convology XT can be downloaded completely free of charge from Impulse Record’s website. After installing and loading the plugin for the first time, enter the serial number provided at checkout to activate your license. The developers have also provided several tutorial videos to help new users get started with the plugin.

Halls Of Fame 3 Free by Best Service. Free.

Halls Of Fame 3 Free is a stripped-down version of the Halls of Fame 3 – Complete Edition (€169) convolution reverb effect by Best Service which comes with over 1,500 reverb presets. The free version only includes 27 reverb presets and doesn’t load external impulse responses. The reason why we’re including it on the list, though, is that the included reverb impulse responses sound exceptionally good.

The plugin features a selection of impulse responses captured from legendary hardware reverb units such as the EMT 240, AKG BX 20, Lexicon PCM96, and the Bricasti M7. The presets can be customized using detailed envelope and tone control parameters. The user can adjust the pre-delay time, attack/release times, and trim the loaded impulse response. The plugin also features a 3-band tone control and a damping control for shaping the tone of the reverb tails.

Unfortunately, the download and activation procedures are a bit more cumbersome than we’d like to see. First, you will need to complete the checkout process, then download two individual installers for the plugin and the sound content, and finally authorize your Halls Of Fame 3 Free installation.

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