Best Flanger VST Plugins

Just like a phaser VST plugin, a flanger might not be an essential in your book. But especially for synth and in sound design, I find myself reaching for one quite often. Should we look at some of the best flanger VST plugins around? Cool, let’s get it into it.

D16 Antresol. $55.

In bringing the classic stomp box back to life, D16 created a must-have effect plugin that will appeal not only to performing guitarists, but to instrumentalists and producers of virtually any genre. You’ll find that the extreme attention to sonic detail coupled with the flexibility afforded by modern technology in Antresol make it the perfect example of what a flanger should be in the modern era. The original, conceived in the mid-70s, quickly became a benchmark for flanger-type effects by offering a uniquely rich character defined by luxuriously harmonious interacting resonances, and has been heard ever since on countless classic recordings. That’s why D16 resurrected the soul of this classic in a thoroughly modern incarnation with Antresol. You can get Antresol here!

MFlangerMB. $55.

MFlangerMB is a powerful multiband flanger that allows you to fully adjust its shape. Where other flangers end, this flanger only begins. It processes anything from guitar tracks to complete mixes with outstanding audio quality, and includes an extensive set of features.

Efektor FL3606 Flanger. $25.

Kuassa have earned a considerable reputation among discerning guitarists, and it’s easy to see why. Their quest for the ideal tone has fuelled a collection of stellar plugins such as their FL3606 Flanger, which offers three distinct flavours, each based on a specific hardware flanger, along with modern niceties like tempo sync.

Dipole. $29.

Sinevibes are responsible for Flow, one of our favourite flangers, so putting them in this list was a no-brainer. However, as much as we dig that particular plugin, it is in no way a retro effect. Dipole, on the other hand is a proper through-zero flanger that can provide a wicked whoosh.

Blue Cat Flanger. Free.

Bursting in vintage mojo, Blue Cat’s Flanger gives you total control over all the most important features, including shape, feedback, depth and much more.

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