Best Phaser VST Plugins

It’s not necessarily an essential in most people’s plugin collection, but exactly for that reason we want to check out which is the best Phaser VST out there! If not many people use it, it can help create a sound that’s more unique to you.

A phaser, also known as flanger, is a popular effect for electric guitar heard on many psychedelic records of the late 1960s. It was a  favorite effects of guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix. Keyboard players also used phasing: in the 1970s. Especially on keyboard instruments like the Fender Rhodes electric piano and the clavinet were commonly treated with a phaser, most notably in avant-garde jazz. While it never was dead, Daft Punk had a major part in re-popularizing the effect in the 21st century, utilizing it on a number of tracks on their Discovery album in 2001.

With this basic info on what one of the best phaser VST plugins should do, let’s dive into it!

Fazortan 2. $44.

If you’re in the market for some of that asme sweet swirl that Jean Michel Jarre used to wrap around his synths , you’ll be pleased with D16’s far out Fazortan 2. Modelled after two different hardware classics of yore, this sleek silver stunner offers dual LFOs with six different waveforms, as well as multiple tempo sync options.

u-he Uhbik-P. $160.

u-he know vintage sound, but they added all manner of modern touches to their phabulous phaser plugin, powered by an incredible 42 all-pass filters. A metallic modulation beast, Uhbik-P’s best feature is quite possibly the fact that it comes alongside eight other awesome plugins.

PhaseMistress. $129.

Can’t decide which old-timey phaser to get? Soundtoys think you shouldn’t have to choose. They’ve collected and modelled stacks of them to create PhaseMistress, a feature-stuffed phaser plugin that has even dedicated hardware heads singing its praises. From two to 24 stages, tempo sync and mind blowing modulation – this is the bee’s knees.

Fix Phaser. $99.

Softube released this phaser with a decidedly retro sound. You want subtle? Fix Phaser will do it. You want the thickest jet engine sweep? Yeah that too. Ten stages, three different swells.