Best Reverb VST

Here’s an updated list of the Best Reverb VST plugins that you can get for free online!

TAL-Reverb-4. Free.

A decent reverb processor is a must have in any studio, which is why every DAW worth its salt has at least one built in. Nonetheless, it never hurts to have options, so Togu Audio Line’s TAL Reverb- 4 is well worth downloading.

OldSkoolVerb. Free.

Freeware algorithmic reverb for professional music production applications, and implements a kind of “classic” stereo reverb algorithm, the result being a very clear spatial image that blends well with the mix. It allows you to achieve reverbs ranging from plate reverb to room reverb and hall reverb sound. OldSkoolVerb works best with vocals, piano and pads.

u-he Protoverb. Free.

Undoubtedly one of the strangest, most creative plugins on our list, u-he’s Protoverb is, as you’d expect, a reverb plugin. Based on a new idea, the algorithm simulates resonances in the body of air, rather than simulating reflections.

Ambience. Free.

A popular free reverb released years ago, and still rivals the quality of the best commercial reverbs. Ambience was previously a commercial product, but now is completely free and available for instant download. With a big library of factory presets and plenty of customizable parameters such as reverb gating, decay, shape, eq and damping, this free reverb plugin is a must.

Microverb VST. Free.

A close reproduction of Alesis Microverb cult digital reverb unit. Like the hardware, it has controls for reverb type (large & small), reverse and gate. You can also adjust input, mix and output amounts.

Mutant Reverb. Free.

An unusual reverb unit with realtime LFO-modulated parameters for crazy reverb effects, including parameters to entirely warp, mutate, and scratch the reverb. This free reverb VST plugin is perfect for creating sound effects, ambiences, but also evolving pads and backgrounds.

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