Best Utility Plugins

Utility effects can offer quite ordinary – but essential – features like metering. Another popular utility process is restoration, where a plug-in is used to repair or iron out any audio problems. A more recent and exciting trend in the area of utility effects is the reference plug-in, which offer several processes that enable to hear your music in different listening environments. But which are some of the best utility plugins?

Mastering The Mix REFERENCE. $65.

Innovative tools to help you compare your mix to your references, with a comprehensive A/B tool kit and some unique features for a better insight into the differences between tracks. An excellent, well-designed plug-in that offers unique insight.

MeterPlugs Perception. $138.

Perception syncs dry and processed signals, balances loudness and compares levels. A great tool to aid listening. Though it doesn’t do anything to audio, Perception is a great addition.

Izotope RX Standard. $399.

This powerful spectral-based audio editor is a hugely effective audio-repair system. Used for post production, but with an increasing number of music-production features. iZotope’s RX has matured to be a dependable and highly useful audio editor.

NUGEN Audio Mastercheck. $219.

A plug-in that you strap across a master so you can tailor mixes to individual target platforms like Spotify and iTunes. An important tool for readying your mix for the myriad of digital platforms out there.

Best Utility Plugins Freebies?

Aside from the commercial plugins, is there anything comparable in the world of freeware? Hell yeah, check out these bad boys if you are on a budget.

  • PSP VintageMeter
 – A range-customisable vintage meter.
  • Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst
 – This spectrum analyser lets you get to the heart of your sound by allowing you to monitor its spectral content in real time.
  • Audio Vitamins Contra Free Contra allows you to create presets that represent your favourite outboard gear and how it might be suitable for a particular sound.
  • LVC-Audio Limited-Z is an easy-to-use limiter that includes metering, look-ahead brick-wall limiting, and several onboard algorithms to provide transparent limiting.

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