BIAS – Amps Designer for iPad

BIAS is a new beautifully designed and great sounding music app for iPad that emulates guitar amps and let you design your own amp models. Of course guitar amps emulation is not new – there are pretty good apps like Amplitube, AmpKit, Line6 Mobile pod and others.

But BIAS is setting new standard for such kind of apps – it gives you full control of internal scheme of the amplifier. If other apps give you predetermined set of amps that emulates some popular models, with BIAS you can make your own Amp, change existing models for your needs. Here’s how the app looks like:

There are 36 pre-designed factory amps divided into 9 groups: Clean, Glassy, Blues, Crunch, Hi Gain, Metal, Insane, Acoustic and Bass and one custom “Positive Grid” Custom Lead. You can choose the amp you want to and start playing instantly. Or push gear icon and you’ll see amp designer screen which is heart of BIAS app.

Here you can customize most of the elements like preamp settings, tube types and settings, cabs and EQs. On the devices chain you have two inputs for EQs so you can easily sculpt the sound you need. Also you can change the look of your amp. Choose background, Knobs, Panels and other elements from the library.

With such flexibility there this app would work great no only for guitar sounds but also for synths and drums. Tubes sound emulation sounds really good and you can expect to get pleasing warm sound.

Another cool feature is integration with JamUp app. You can import your custom amp right into your effects chain in JamUp Pro.

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