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BIAS FX iOS effects app updated with Studio Rack pack

BIAS FX – effects app from PositiveGrid was updated with new Studio Rack Pack as in-app purchase. Now you will find five of the most sought-after studio racks based on LA2A® Compressor, PSA-1® Preamp, Manley® EQ, Echoplex® and Dual Spring Reverb. The new racks can be run into two different signal chains, and share and download on ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s tone sharing platform.

There are few other improvements:- Fix Studio Compressor control panel- Add full MIDI support- Add Dropbox backup feature- Add Fuzz Arsenal and Poly Octaver in Effect Powerhouse Pack- Performance optimization to save your CPU.

It is nice to see Positive Grid bringing new high end gear emulations transforming BIAS app into full-featured effects platform which would be useful not just for guitarists but also for mixing purposes processing.  iOS as a music platform comparing to desktop studios is lacking good quality analog gear emulation. This update for now is the only solution for emulation of LA-2 and Manley passive EQ as well as Echoplex delay unit.

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About BIAS FX: BIAS FX turns your iPad into a world-class, guitar amp-and-effects processor. It gives you an endless collection of insanely great-sounding guitar pedalboards, ultra-high definition stereo rack effects, dual amps and dual signal chain. You can share and download users and artists signature guitar pedalboards from the cloud.