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Bob Marley Samples

Bob Marley Samples

Here is a small collection of classic samples & drum sounds from Bob Marley to jam with. Including some rare sounds sampled from a variety of sources including vinyl. Each of these Bob Marley samples is trimmed down already for instant use and contains original artist info with each file.

All the sounds are supplied as WAV files so you can import them directly into your DAW, VST plugin or hardware sampler of choice. You’re welcome to use the samples & sounds in your music, projects and any other creative way you like, but be aware since these are sampled from his recordings, they are not royalty free.

While Bob Marley isn’t the most sampled Person in Hip Hop, there have been numerous songs who have taken parts of his songs and made memorable tracks from it. Don’t believe me? How about Bulls*it by The Pharcyde? The obvious cover of No Woman, No Cry by the Fugees? Even UGK built their song Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride from a Bob Marley sample. And the king of hip hop Jay-Z had Marley vibes on his song Some Like It Hot!

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