Boom Bap Addict

Here’s our take on the classic boom bap sound of the 90s.

Here’s our take on the classic boom bap sound of the 90s. This drum kit for hip-hop producers comes loaded with over 400 vintage hip hop drum samples like punchy kicks, gritty snares, claps, hats, tons of percussive hits and even over 30 bass one shot samples and 100 instrument stabs so you can make fully arrange tracks right out of the box!


Make your own bangin’ drum loops with a truly unique drum library. Here’s a full list of what you get in the package: 67 Kicks, 145 Snares, 48 Hats, 29 Claps & Snaps, 109 Percussion, 33 Bass Notes, 36 SFX and 122 Stabs.

The Boom Bap Addict Drum Kit is available for instant download and is compatible with every sampler & software that can handle WAV audio files. 

Load them up and start program your own unique patterns using drum samples that that were meant to sound well together. Don’t sleep on this kit!

How to buy the Boom Bap Addict Drum Kit in 30 seconds…

Simply hit the PURCHASE button to pay securely via PayPal or checkout with your credit card – no account required! Your copy of this AWESOME kit will be with you almost instantly – no waiting.

All of our products feature a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll refund you within 24 hours. This helps us create a better product and helps you stay happy 🙂

Boom Bap Addict Drum Kit $19 USD


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