Boom Bap Snares

Here’s a snares only pack with 20 original neck snappers. It’s how we do! You’ll find wet, dry, stacked, single boom bap snares in this pack, which were processed through analog signal path and outboard gear. Created with running live drums through outboard hardware including the Akai MPC 2000 and Roland SP-404, you get the authentic, rugged sound of 90s Hip Hop.

This kit is a toolbox mainly for boom bap type beats, but can obviously used for any style of music that requires a bit grit and dirt in the mix! Don’t be mistaken, these will cut through even the busiest samples in your hip hop tracks. Get some of those infamous “in your face” boom bap snares for that next beat of yours!

Want more drum samples like these? Then check out our Boom Bap Drum Kit which has over 400 drum samples including 145 gritty snares!

Boom Bap Snares: Free Download

Grab some free boom bap claps, boom bap hats and boom bap kicks on our site.

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