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Boss DR550MKii Drum Kit

Boss DR550 MKii Drum Kit

Another drum machine classic got sampled for this Boss DR550 MKii Drum Kit! The DR-550 Mk2 is a real workhorse. If you are into hardware drum machines, this one is easily worth up to $100 depending on the condition. As with many older hardware, you will run into limitations, like emitting an extra hum when used with the adaptor. Simply use a few AA batteries when you record – problem solved. Being able to run this solely on batteries, also makes this a very portable drum machine. Add an SP404 to your setup and make beats in nature!

All the limitations shouldn’t concern you with this Boss DR550MKii Drum Kit however, because it captures the most interesting part of the machine: The Sounds! The DR550MKii has really good thick sounds. Basic, but punchy, these are great for music with heavier drums or to layer over other drum machines. 

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