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Broken Piano Samples

Broken Piano Samples

What’s better than a load of piano samples? A load of broken piano samples, of course! Get ready for the sound of strings, scrapes, knocks and more; you could say that this is a piano library for people who don’t like pianos…

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What you need to know: These piano samples are divided into four folders: Loops, Multis, Processed and Raw. All the samples are supplied as WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. Because they’re royalty-free, you’re welcome to use the samples in your music in any way you like – all we ask is that you don’t re-distribute them.

Here’s a few soundbites from the sample pack:

Why would you use broken piano samples over regular ones? Mostly I use them to add texture to my songs. There’s something very organic about these and while sometimes you can guess that you are hearing a piano, it’s really sounds that keep the listener interested and engaged. You should always have elements of surprise in your songs, be it in terms of composition or in your choice of sounds. Samples likes this pack easily cover your sound design choices.