Cassette 808

Bedroom Producers Blog has launched Cassette 808, a collection of tape processed Roland TR-808 drum machine samples, based on source material from Gregor Zemljic.

The samples were recorded in Gregor’s mastering studio using the following recording chain: Radial JDI – Neve 1073 DPA – Crane song Ibis M (very slight low end/hi end boost + HPF @ 20Hz) – Crane song STC 8 (very light compression to add a bit of punch) – Crane song HEDD AD @ 24/44.1kHz.

DOWNLOAD Bedroom Producers’ Cassette 808

NKI patches for Kontakt 5, featuring a custom user interface with direct access to the volume ADSR envelope, low-pass filter cutoff and resonance, as well as a built-in reverb and delay module. Total of 87 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format.

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