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How To Add A Music Studio To A Cabin Or Outbuilding

In 2018, worldwide recorded music sales totalled 1.91 billion US dollars, according to IFPI, and more and more musicians are getting in on…

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The Best Drum Samples, or how to make your drum samples sound good

I’ve been there, my friend, and I know how frustrating it can be. And you might have gone off looking…

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How To Make Sample Libraries

In the video below Christian, from the renowned sample library company Spitfire Audio, supervises a tracking session for a Chinese…

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6ix9ine Type Beat

If you are in the beat lease game, then type beats are your bread and butter beats which pay the…

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Sampler 101

Next to a synthesizer, the sampler is probably the most common instrument found in any modern recording studio. At the core…

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Sampling With iPad

One of things that was puzzling to me when making beats on my iPad was how to sampling with iPad…

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Isolating Samples – Flipping & Filtering

Check out the following simple techniques for isolating samples just using your native plugins like equalizers, filters and others. It’s…

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Orchestra Hit Sample – A Stone Cold Classic!

If you listen to the first few seconds of Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” (hint: listen to the Cardi B remix) you’ll…

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Burial Vocal Chops Techniques

Youtuber Julien Earle put together a real good tutorial on Burial vocal chops techniques. He breaks down three different approaches…

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Ableton Creative Extensions

If you own Ableton Live 10 Suite or the Standard version of Live 10 and Max For Live, you’ll be…

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