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Sync Licensing – Place beats in TV, Ads and Film

One lucrative option for a steady side income and extra exposure is placing songs in TV shows or films, commonly…

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Found Sound & Foley Samples

Found Sound is an umbrella term for sound captured by unconvential means, which means that it doesn’t come from a…

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Organic Beats

Before we jump into specifics of organic beats, let’s do some theory… Why do we perceive some things as natural &…

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Snare Repeat Technique

Drums can become quite repetitive after a few bars if you’re not a master at programming them. There’s so many…

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Sidechain Compression Will Save Your (B)ass

Ah, I love myself some sidechain compression on every track! Seriously, it’s my go-to technique to make beats breathe (quite…

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Learn Finger Drumming

Is Melodics finally a good way to learn finger drumming? Think of it like Guitar Hero but with your own…

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Beat Tape December 2017

Statik Selektah is back with the aptly titled “8” LP (you know, for eight solo albums!) We got what we…

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Burial Samples on Untrue

Ten years ago, South London-based electronic musician Burial released his influential second album, Untrue on Hyperdub. This album probably has done…

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What Are Ghost Kicks & Ghost Snares And How To Use Them

Ghost kicks & ghost snares fall into the larger category of ghost notes. They are the little hits in between…

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Beat Tape November 2017

Ivan Ave, an MC out of Norway, dropped a superb project with beats courtesy of Dam-Funk, Fredfades, DJ Harrison, Kiefer, Kaytranada…

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