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How To Make A Legowelt Track

Legowelt has been putting other house and techno producers to shame since the the 1990s. The Dutch artist releases music…

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Rhythm Roulette With The Legend, Salaam Remi

The résumé of Salaam Remi is pretty incredible, finding a way to create music for pop artists and respected rappers…

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Rhythm Roulette connect with araabMUZIK

It is no secret that araabMUZIK is one of the sickest beatmaker who ever touch an MPC. If you have…

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Rhythm Roulette with Stro Elliot Of The Procussions

Stro Elliot is a force to be reckoned with. As part of The Procussions or as a solo artist, helping…

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Making Beats with Royalty Free Samples

Sometimes you want to sample, but sample clearance is a pain in the ass...

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Behind The Beat

Jake One breaks down his production Smile Mama Smile for Rick Ross...

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Thes One Represent PUTS On Rhythm Roulette

Thes One walks out of the record shop with Orquesta Conexion Latina, Joanna Gardner’s self-titled album, and the Modern Jazz…

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Rhythm Roulette Invite Jake One

From Spin Cycle to his studio in Washington, Jake lucks out with The Best of Herbie Hancock, The Manhattans' Forever…

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Rhythm Roulette With Veteran Ayatollah

Ayatollah got his first big break when Mos Def used his beat for the first single of ’99 “Black on…

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Selling Beats the Wrong Way

In this recent video, multi-platinum producer DJ Pain 1 touches on a few common practices used by people selling beats…

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