Mix Beats

Why I Gave Up Mixing While Producing or Recording – And maybe you should too.

I’m probably going to spark some controversy among readers here, but let me tell you this: Always. Mix. Your. Music.…

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Why You Should Not Use an EQ Cheat Sheet when Mixing

What are EQ Cheat Sheets and why should you steer clear? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring…

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How to Clean Up a Muddy Mix

If I could only use one thing in my mixes, only one plugin to pick – I would go with…

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The Secret to Making Music With Impact

Let me ask you a question. Or rather, allow me to be bold and make an assumption. I don’t want to be…

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Subtractive EQ vs Additive EQ: The Ultimate Showdown

It’s not that you can’t find any tips on what an EQ is, or what it can do for your…

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How to use Compressor

Going a little bit nuts when looking at those complicated compression interfaces?I don’t blame you.The first time I set eyes…

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How to Use EQ

Equalizing is the practice of using an EQ / Equalizer. Without even knowing you, I am 100% sure that you…

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Mixing Beats – The Fundamentals

Let’s talk about mixing beats for a bit. I don’t mean the stuff that DJs do in the club, but…

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