Premium Kits

Meticulously crafted premium kits. Even more sounds. Superior selection and quality. A lot more time and sweat went into the production of our premium kits. That’s why they are not free. In most cases you get a lot more sounds. In all cases you get the best quality. And in the end you support us by purchasing something and we can keep this site running.

Reggaeton Drum Kit

After the massive success of our Dancehall Drum Kit, we revisited the Caribbean island flavours and cooked up a Reggaeton…

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Modular Drums

These aren’t just any drum samples. We have hooked up them old cables in very particular ways and carefully sampled these…

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Producer Drum Kit Bundle

Tired of scouring the web for producer drum kits, that give you the sound and knock of the GOAT producers…

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Phatt Racks

Phatt Racks is an Ableton Live Pack which brings a legendary piece of studio gear at your fingertips. The sample-based…

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Lo-Fi Keyboards

Get Lo-Fi with a selection of classic Casio & Yamaha keyboards, sampled and converted into Ableton Instrument Racks. I feel…

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DJ Mustard Drum Kit

LA native DJ Mustard has singlehandedly coined the “ratchet” sound and brought a hot, new and different sound to hip-hop…

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Dancehall Drum Kit

The sound of Jamaican Dancehall in one package! From energy-laden to pop-infused drums, we cover all bases with our new…

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World Percussion Samples

For this pack, we’ve sampled the world percussion presets of the legendary Korg Triton workstation, the same keyboard that Timbaland…

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MPC Drum Kit

We’ve raided our old MPC disks and put together this massive collection of one shot drum samples for you to import…

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80s Drum Kit

This 80s Drum Kit spices up your productions with authentic drum sounds from the 1980s. There’s no doubt, the 80s sound…

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