Sell Beats

YouTube Promotion List

You’re not alone! Everyday I hear awesome tracks that don’t gain traction because artists simply don’t know how to promote their…

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How To Make Sample Libraries

In the video below Christian, from the renowned sample library company Spitfire Audio, supervises a tracking session for a Chinese…

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Sync Licensing – Place beats in TV, Ads and Film

One lucrative option for a steady side income and extra exposure is placing songs in TV shows or films, commonly…

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Selling Beats the Wrong Way

In this recent video, multi-platinum producer DJ Pain 1 touches on a few common practices used by people selling beats…

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Qrates gets your beats on vinyl and cassette!

Do you have a lot of beats and don’t know what to do with it? Why not press your own…

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How To Copyright Beats

This post covers the basics of how to copyright beats as outlined in the below video by DJ Pain 1.…

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