Channel Settings Cut/Cut By Feature in FL Studio

If that makes any sense! Learn how to cut long samples when another sample is triggered. There’s more to the channel settings other than levels adjustment. Check out the cut/ cut by feature.

This is used to cut a note when another note is triggered. Very handy for percussion for example: when a drummer hits an open hi hat followed by a closed hi hat, the open hi hat is cut by the closed hi hat. This is because the sounds are coming from the same cymbal.

To imitate this in FL Studio:

1. Take an open hi hat and a closed hi hat and load them into the sampler.

2. Create a simple pattern: open hi hat on 1,3,5,7 and closed hi hat on 2,4,6,8.

3. Click on the open hi hat and select cut ‘1’, cut by ‘2’. Click on the closed hi hat and select cut ‘2’, cut by ‘1’. Press play and you have each of the samples cutting each other. (If you cannot hear a difference load in a sample with a longer release time.)

Cut By Feature

This technique can be applied to any sample to cut another sample and create interesting effects.Also when you click ‘cut itself’ the sample will be cut when the next note is triggered.

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