Cheetah MD16

Cheetah MD16: British drum machine from the early 90s sampled by Goldbaby. Plenty of grit! 102 x 24 bit wav drum samples (4.2 MB download)

Cheetah MD16: DOWNLOAD

The Cheetah MD-16 is far and away the most complex drum machine ever made. Basically with the MD-16 if you can think of it then you can do it. Pitching sounds up, down, forwards, backwards and inside out is all in a days work for this beast. Want to set the start point, pitch and gate time of a sound randomly according to ‘human feel’ velocity? Want to auto pan a drum roll across 8 outputs while echoing the sound to other midi notes at other pitches? This is your baby! There is very little you can’t do with this machine, so its a major pain that not only do you have to program all this via a 2 line LCD display but also that the onboard sounds do tend to be a little on the ‘thin’ side.

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