Chroma+ is a channel strip & buss compressor in one rack unit

If you have limited space, Louder Than Liftoff’s new multi-purpose rack unit Chroma+ could be the only outboard device you need in your studio! The company describes it as a “stereo/dual mono tracking and mixing channel”, which means Chroma+ can be used as a traditional channel strip for recording with compression, EQ or saturation. But where it gets really interesting: it can also be used during mix as a mono or stereo buss processor!

Like the original Chroma for the 500 series, this device has been created with Twin Tone-Amp technology, inspired by API and Neve consoles, selectable as modes A and N, respectively. This means that you can add the desired sonic characteristics to the audio signal with the push of a button. You can audition the two signature sounds without re-patching or swapping preamps, which makes Chroma+ “the only processor of its kind” to offer this, Louder Than Liftoff says.

A FET-input DI was developed for Chroma+ and this can accept stereo sources such as synths as well as mono sources like guitar and bass. And for vintage vibes, there’s a switchable Retro mode, which can provide an 80s-style personality to the DI.

Chroma+ also boasts the ability to transform into a “Mega Mono channel”, offering more creative processing chains. By engaging the CH 1>2 switch, the output of channel 1 feeds into channel 2 and puts the power of two Chroma+ into the series, with channel 1’s output still available via its XLR connector. Think of it like this: recording a guitar through an API preamp, compressing it with an 1176 to give it a tonal boost, then feed it into a second Neve amp for additional colour.

Louder Than Liftoff’s new device is also capable of being customisable by installing your choice of Colour analogue plug-ins. These are priced from $69-129, and can be installed into the Colour Module slot on each channel’s printed circuit board. Once installed, you can change the Colour Modules’ wet/dry mix with a blend knob. I’m a big fan of the Colour modules myself, having two DIYRE Colour Palettes installed in my 500 series rack for colouring buss mixes!

The rack unit is available in four pre-loaded configurations to suit various workflows:

  • Tube comes pre-loaded with 2x Pentode Mk2 Colour modules for tube mojo and two-band Baxandall boost/cut
  • Comp comes pre-loaded with two Implode Colour modules for classic 1176-style FET compression
  • EQ comes pre-loaded with two FET Filter Colour modules for midrange cut and FET saturation.
  • Standard comes without any Colour modules, allowing free reign over customisation.

Chroma+ will be shipping from late January 2020, with a discount available for those who pre-order before 31 December 2019. Introductory prices are on offer, with the Chroma+ Standard set at $1399, and Chroma+ configured versions (Tube/Comp/EQ) at $1499.

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